“The cross is what brings down our idols”

On Good Wednesday the Apostolic Administrator of Gozo, Bishop Mario Grech said that the cross shows the true face of God and is the pebble that brings down all of our idols. Bishop Grech led the penitential liturgy at Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary.

In his homily, he said that Christ’s road to calvary can be taken to be a contemporary story and shared his reflections on the lancing Jesus suffered on the cross.

Bishop Grech quoted Theologist Bonhoeffer and stated: “The cross is the infinite distance that God placed between himself and any other religious figure we may have.”

Grech compared the virus that infects human beings with the spear that stabbed Jesus Christ when crucified.

He then referred to the reality we are currently living due to the coronavirus and how this virus is leaving a disaster around the world. Bishop Grech said that in these circumstances many families are experiencing hardship but as we look and pray to God we should be filled with courage.

The Apostolic Administrator of Gozo explained how it is a mortal sin that we put ourselves in the place of God and think we are invincible, He said that Jesus Christ will always love us even as sinners.