Dangerously ambitious – Arrigo

PN Deputy leader Robert Arrigo has upped the ante on the PN implosion. In a Facebook comment, the stage where this bloody drama is playing out, Arrigo wrote:” Dangerously ambitious”.

This post followed another pointed quote which sources picked up from the comments board to another story. Newsbook.com.mt is trying the contact Arrigo to verify the post which said: “The couple are not sheep but wolves”. This comment ties in with the curt put-downs which Arrigo directed at Kristy Debono in the PN Executive meeting where her husband was co-opted to parliament.

On Saturday Newsbook.com.mt wrote about Robert Arrigo’s now famous put down of MP Kristy Debono. The argument was about the handsome salary Jean Pierre Debono receives from the cash strapped PN.

Our sources told us that the Deputy Leader for Party Affairs, Robert Arrigo, said that Debono’s salary was augmented by the parliamentary remuneration when he decided to give up his seat so that Delia takes up the position of Leader of the Opposition.

Our sources added that it is only right that party officials receive a fair salary for their work but they considered Arrigo’s revelation about the salary together with his  rhetorical questions about the mysterious covert ‘private written agreement’ (Skrittura privata) as an indication of a form of collusion between JPD and Adrian Delia.

A razor thin majority

Jean Pierre Debono’s seat in Parliament may be debatable as sources close to the Partit Nazzjonalista told Newsbook.com.mt that the two-vote majority he obtained consisted of his won and his wife’s vote. The vote taken in what was described as a tumultuous meeting on Saturday gave a razor thin majority (42 – 40) to Jean Pierre Debono, propelling him once more into Parliament. Neither he nor his wife declared conflict of interest, an issue which was likened to an elephant in the room. And, in the vote in the Executive Committee of the Partit Nazzjonalista these two votes made all the difference. Dr Kevin Cutajar was not similarly privileged, the same sources said, as he was allowed to speak but not to vote.

Our sources insisted for full anonymity, something which perplexed Newsbook.com.mt, particularly in a party which has prided itself on freedom of expression.

In an unpleasant interpretation of the theory of relativity, our sources immediately referred us to the heated spat between leader Adrian Delia and former deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami during the Saturday meeting. The son of the PN’s iconic grandee said that he was insulted, threatened and mercilessly pressured because he dared to utter some criticism. Our Sources said that the leader’s animated response took several by surprise.

Our sources reiterated their concern that the manifest conflict of interest enjoyed by Debono over and above the patent lack of parity of arms, may be deemed as vitiating the vote.  “It was simply not on for the Debono couple to take an active part in the meeting and vote” said our sources indignantly, adding “It seems that the party is now reverting to arguments about conflict of interest only when Labour ministers are involved.”

This was not the only controversy during Saturday’s fateful meeting.