The construction industry will not enjoy impunity – Abela

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that if there were instances in the past where the construction industry had enjoyed impunity, this will not be the case anymore.

Abela insisted that no one will enjoy impunity. He also confirmed that four people were arrested over the collapse which led to the death of Miriam Pace, 54, of Ħamrun. The incident happened around 2.15pm when the family home collapsed due to excavation works on an adjacent site.

The victim was buried under the rubble and was only found after a search and rescue operation which lasted more than 8 hours. Abela expressed his solidarity with the victim’s family. He added that he was concerned about the situation.

The project’s architect, the site technical officer, and two people working on the site were arrested during the police investigation.

Fielding questions from the media, Abela said that the government will take stock of the situation and evaluate whether the existing laws and regulations were sufficient to ensure that no more buildings collapse due to adjacent excavation works.

Abela urged the police to take action and bring to justice anybody who is responsible for Pace’s death.

Prime Minister Abela described Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg Facebook post as “his opinion” when asked whether it was insensitive for the minister to try and quash criticism by turning it into a partisan issue. Abela reiterated his support and solidarity for the family.

No industry is larger than life

Meanwhile, Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli said that no industry is larger than life on her way in to the cabinet meeting. Social Accommodation Minister Roderick Galdes expressed his condolences with the family of the victim. Parliamentary Secretary Deo Debattista said that “drastic measures” were needed, while Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia said that action needs to be taken. Minister José Herrera called for more enforcement.