“The cancer factory was reborn“ – Delia

Facebook - Adrian Delia

PN leader Adrian Delia said that the “cancer factory” was reborn, referring to the use of the old Marsa power station after the Labour Government started making use of it again. Partit Laburista had campaigned relentlessly against the power-station branding it as a “cancer factory”.

Delia was being interviewed on NET and spoke about the current situation in Malta including the upcoming election which will determine who will become Malta’s new Prime Minister and the problems Malta is facing in the energy sector.

‘Fearne and Abela copying PN’

Delia also spoke about the upcoming election within the PL between Chris Fearne and Robert Abela. He said that both candidates said nothing of substance during their campaigns and failed to address the reputational damage Malta is facing.

Delia summarised the choice as one between Abela who was the consultant of Malta’s most corrupt PM and Fearne who was Joseph Muscat’s right-hand man as his deputy. Delia added that despite all the revelations in the media, both expressed their faith in Muscat by giving him their vote of confidence.

According to Delia, both Fearne and Abela were copying proposals already made by the PN including proposals about the Office of the President and civil society.

I asked the police to investigate Cini – Delia

The PN leader also mentioned the challenge he issued to Fearne to ask for Nexia BT’s Karl Cini to be investigated by the police. After Fearne didn’t act, Delia reported Cini to the police himself. He said that a few minutes later, the police announced that they were already investigating.

Speaking about the energy sector the Leader of the Opposition said that it was a “total failure”. He said that the old Marsa power station was working while the newly built ElectroGas one wasn’t.

He also spoke about the ongoing court case he initiated related to the sale of three of Malta’s public hospitals saying that a number of points are yet to emerge.