Watch: The Assumption’s significance in times of Covid-19 – Archbishop Scicluna

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Through the Assumption of Mary, God is sending a sign that even death can be overcome, a sign that is particularly needed in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Archbishop Charles Scicluna said on Saturday.

Archbishop Scicluna was celebrating Mass at the Mdina Cathedral on the solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and in his homily, he observed that the pandemic had shown just how fragile humanity truly was.

The coronavirus was “a tiny virus that brings you to your knees in very aspect: in health, in opportunity, in the freedom to take decisions, in financial health,” he said, recounting that it could also prove deadly.

“So today, we need to show faith in the ultimate victory that our Lord wants to provide us. And today, he is giving us a sign that his promise will be kept,” Archbishop Scicluna maintained.

‘Love will always be victorious’

The Gospel of the day is the account of Visitation recorded in the Gospel of Luke, in which a pregnant Mary visits her elderly relative Elizabeth, herself pregnant with John the Baptist in spite of her age. The account also includes the Magnificat, the canticle in which Mary praises God and rejoices at being chosen as the mother of Jesus.

In his homily, the Archbishop recalled that as Mary had sung, God had done great things for her, including granting her the privilege of entering Heaven alive as her son Jesus had done.

He emphasised that this was not simply a prize, even though it would have been well-deserved, but a signal that the promise of eternal life will be delivered.

 “It is easy to look at the grave as the last chapter of our lives, especially when one has to confront the tragedy that is the deterioration of our body. But our Father has assured us that death can be defeated, and through Mary we have received a sign of this,” Archbishop Scicluna maintained.

As he brought his homily to a close, the Archbishop recounted that Mary’s joy reflected the love she had always shown, emphasising that she dedicated her life to serving others.

“And her victory over death, which her son has granted to her, is a sign that love will always be victorious,” he added.