The All-New Renault Captur: 100% new, 100% Captur

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The best-seller in its category for seven years, the Renault Captur has been completely renewed. Now, it offers even more versatility, personalisation and safety in surroundings that are more desirable.

For instance, the All-New Captur entails: new design, new interior with Smart Cockpit, new quality standards, new equipment, new technologies and new driving aids.

Tangible aspects such as the steering, suspension and chassis has also been improved. This has been achieved by using all of the innovations that the Alliance has brought to the new modular CMF-B platform. A high degree of comfort for all occupants is offered. Furthermore, the bar for dynamic driving has been raised.

Responsiveness, safety, comfort

The All-New Captur uses the modular CMF-B platform first seen on the All-New Clio, so it provides a similar level of driving pleasure. Versatility remains for the All-new Captur, the need is for smoothness, as it is on every type of road, where the driver demands a touch of dynamism.

­The all-new Captur is spreading the use of driving the fullest and most advanced offer in its category. Along with equipment such as the 360 camera and braking with cyclist and pedestrian detection, the Rare Cross Traffic Alert is making its first appearance in the Renault Range, to make leaving a parking safer.  The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) will be available. Together they form the Renault EASY DRIVE system. 

2019 – Nouveau Renault CAPTUR

The All-New Captur has also stepped up a class when it comes to its wider range of petrol and diesel engines. Paired with a 5 or 6-speed manual gearbox, these engines provide an increased power range. These latest engines include leading-edge technologies. Hence, meeting current standards and provide optimized consumption Above all, this model will be enhanced with a plug-in hybrid engine named E-TECH Plug-in As a result the All- New Captur plug-in Hybrid will be the first from Groupe Renault.

This model forms part of Renault Group’s new strategy as part of the Drive the Future p (2017-2022). The starting price of the All-New Captur is €17,900 including scrappage scheme. It is available at Kind’s Auto Sales in Mosta Road, Lija, Malta and Xewkija, Gozo.   

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