The 17 Black revelations by Theuma in 17 points

Here is a quick breakdown of the most essential features of Melvin Theuma’s testimony so far:

  1. Melvin Theuma, loan-shark and middleman for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, is in court in a tell-all testimony. The three accused of the execution and the family of the slain journalist are in court parte civile (interested third parties)’ Magistrate is Claire Stafrace Zammit.
  2. Theuma is Yorgen Fenech’s friend and go-for person for all sorts of dealings.
  3. Theuma said that Fenech allowed him to operate his taxi at Portomaso.
  4. Theuma said that Yorgen Fenech wanted Daphne killed because she was going to publish something about his uncle Ray.  
  5. Two days later OPM head of Customer Care and mayor of Rabat, Sandro Craus called to inform Theuma of a meeting with PM’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri. Theuma was given a government job (Principle Permanent Secretary has denied)
  6. Linked to the Degiorgios and Muscat through Darren Debono (It-Topo) (Debono’s lawyer denied all allegations).
  7. Alfred Degiorgio agreed to the hit, asking for €150,000 with €30,000 in advance.
  8. Shortly after the 2017 election, Fenech gave Theuma an envelope with €150,000, confirming the kill and pressuring for results.
  9. Killers set up a hideout in Bidnija and stake out Daphne Caruana Galizia’s movements using binoculars. Using burner phones, the executioners are urged to carry out the kill as soon as possible. The bomb was manufactured at “Il-Maksar”. Maksar is the family nickname of Adrian and Robert Agius, two men who had been arrested in December 2017 in connection with the murder but released.
  10. After the journalist was murdered, Theuma started being afraid. Fenech calmed him down. Theuma adds: Yorgen Fenech is the Mastermind.
  11. 15 days after the murder, Fenech tells Theuma that the detonating message was found. Theuma gives the Degiorgios €125,000 – the balance plus an extra €5,000 for expenses.
  12. Fenech tipped off Theuma and the Degiorgios of a huge raid where the Degiorgios were arrested.
  13. Fenech worried that Theuma might grass so he gave him €5,000 for a holiday. Theuma drew up his will, fearing for his life.
  14. The Degiorgios asked Fenech for money for their lawyer. Theuma said that the money given to the Degiorgios was €5,000 short as Fenech had deducted his holiday money from the Degiorgio stash. About €70,000 was also paid by Fenech for bail money and sundry expenses.
  15. Theuma increasingly scared and tries to commit suicide. Fails. Starts recording conversations. Vince Muscat “Il-Kohhu” speaks to the police.
  16. Theuma visited by Johan Cremona and Kenneth Camilleri, the latter a former Security Services policeman and detail to the protection of the Prime Minister. Theuma suspects Keith Schembri’s involvement. Kenneth Camilleri promised Theuma that the accused would be getting €1 million and bail – neither materialised.
  17. Theuma sends recording samples through Johan Cremona, describing Yoorgen Fenech and Keith Schembri as “very close”