Tests on arrivals from countries hit by Coronavirus

Precautionary measures in place at Luqa Airport

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A centre in Luqa was set up for persons who arrive in Malta from countries that are considered as hazardous for spreading the disease COVID-19. In this centre, these persons would be examined, according to Minister Chris Fearne.

In Malta, there have not been any registered case of COVID-19 as yet (the Coronavirus from China) but two persons have been quarantined as a precautionary measure. This was said by the Vice-Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne in a ministerial statement in parliament.

Fearne said that the two Maltese people were on board a cruise liner MS Westerdam and they landed in Cambodia. They were examined for Coronavirus on their arrival in Malta.

Fearne said that the Health Authority has set up a centre in Luqa where persons arriving in Malta from hazardous countries for the spreading of the virus are being examined, with the test results being provided in two hours’ time.

The Opposition spokesman for Community Care and Mental Health,  Mario Galea restated the absolute trust of the Opposition in the team of medicals who are preparing themselves well for the eventuality that the virus hits Malta.

Galea said that in view of what happened in 2009 with the spread of the virus H1N1, the Government should book the delivery of the vaccine beforehand so that Malta does not remain emptyhanded given that the demand for it will be high.

Maltese on the MS Westerdam

The two Maltese people who were on the cruiseliner MS Westerdam, are being quarantined as a precautionary measure.

The Health Authorities said that they are following the situation in relation to the COVID-2019 (Coronavirus). The two Maltese persons were passengers on the cruise liner that was refused harbour from five different countries in a span of 11 days. This happened until the ship was allowed in Cambodia last Thursday.

A group of experts from the World Health Organisation (WHO) arrived in China to try to make heads or tails of this virus.

This took place in the light of the disease being spread and leading to deaths in the Chinese province of Hubei – the site where the virus erupted. The total number of people dying from this disease in this province has now surpassed 1,700. The cases of confirmed infections of Coronavirus in China, according to figures from local authorities, have now exceeded 70,000 persons.