Tensions between Bali taxi drivers and app drivers

Tensions are rising between Bali’s local taxi drivers and application-service drivers like Uber, resulting in a number of disputes between the two. These tensions have culminated in violent altercations on several occasions.

This conflict stems from the fact that the cheaper application-based taxi service is forcing taxi drivers out of business, since more people are opting to travel by the application-based taxis due to the cheaper fares and higher efficiency.

The application taxi services are becoming increasing popular as virtually anyone that is a licensed driver with companies like Uber and Grab can offer these services at a relatively cheaper cost.

However, these services are facing heavy resistance from the local taxi service which are accusing the application taxis of taking advantage of the local communications, since they are making a profit off the locals’ backs and not offering anything in return.

These tensions have been growing ever since the introduction of such applications in Bali back in 2015.