Temporarily removed paintings returned to MUŻA

Conservators placing artworks in place. Muza Sep 2019

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

As from today, the paintings which were temporarily removed recently as a protective measure are being returned on exhibit at National Museum of Art (MUŻA).

Around 130 artworks had been removed from MUŻA after mould was formed in the building. The artworks were relocated to another part of the museum so that Heritage Malta workers would be able to restore them.

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Heritage Malta’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Noel Zammit explained that thanks to the technology available and also to Heritage Malta’s dedicated employees, an increase in the humidity reading levels was identified in different sections of the Museum, leading the Agency’s experts to take the decision to remove a number of paintings as a preventive measure to protect the works of art.

“The main mission of Heritage Malta is to protect the cultural heritage entrusted to it, in this case, works of fine art. To this effect, we were very proactive, moving some of the paintings from a number of galleries to a storage area which had a stable climate within MUŻA,” declared Zammit.

The History of Art and Fine Arts Students Association (HoASA) had stated that “it is important that when dealing with our history and artistic heritage, no shortcuts should ever be taken on such projects”.

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Heritage Malta has now added that “we are not going to take any shortcuts for any reason whatsoever.”

Temporary exhibitions at MUŻA

In the meantime, Heritage Malta has just formally launched the first call for temporary exhibitions at MUŻA. This call is inherent with Heritage Malta’s strategy of this Museum which places the artist at the centre of this new space.

This was revealed by Zammit during the official opening of this call at MUŻA. Several artists attended this event where they received detailed information about the aims of this call; that is the creation of a dialogue in the community, and among the various communities, connected to the narrative expression of MUŻA’s identity, and to the preservation of the national collection for the current generation and the future ones.

He also explained how MUŻA is not a traditional Museum, but is built on the approach of a participatory museum, and this also thanks to those employees who have been working on this concept for the last nine years, work which lead to a state of the art space, open to all the artistic community.

Those artists who are interested to exhibit their works can find further information, together with the form of application, here.

Applications are to reach Heritage Malta by the 1st November 2019.