Teenager witnessing PC Schembri being dragged speaks in court


In today’s continuation of compilation of evidence against Liam Debono in Simon Schembri’s case, a teenager who witnessed Schembri being run over said that she first saw Schembri speaking to the young man, then all of a sudden, she could not see him anymore.

The Police Officer was hit by a car driven by a 17-year-old and dragged a distance of 400 meters. The injured was in a critical condition and lost his arm.

Through a video conference in court, the young lady explained that Schembri stopped his motorcycle and signaled the accused to stop the car. He spoke to him and asked him for his identity card, which the accused refused to provide.

She explained the Police Officer walked back to the motorcycle where he seemed to be speaking to someone through his motorcycle radio. He then returned to the car driven by the boy. Schembri lifted his arm to stop the accused from driving, but the witness said the accused ran him over and accelerated.

The young lady said that at that moment in time she could not see Schembri anymore, and she saw something flying off. Later she realised it was his glove.

She furthered by saying at that time she called 112 to call for help.

In today’s compilation, court expert Keith Cutajar asked the accused to give him his phone’s password. The defence argued against this, but Magistrate Joe Mifsud approved the expert’s request so he can carry out his work.