Teenager causes hullabaloo in court

A teenager stirred a commotion in court when she shouted and hurled herself around while the police officer, her social worker, the lawyers and her mother tried to reason with her.

The 15-year-old teenager from Bormla was in court accused of violently resisting a police officer when she allegedly bit four police officers last Saturday.

In court, the accused claimed that the current programme she was following, called YOURS, was not being effective and that she would fall back on to her bad habits once she finished it. She seemed to indicate willingness to follow another programme, as long as it catered to her needs.

The girl has had several brushes with law and was found in a “bad state” by the police after being reported missing for a few days.

The accused refused the legal representation offered by the court, and insisted that she wanted lawyer Antonio Depasquale to defend her, as she had already spoken to him during the programme YOURS. Dr Depasquale insisted that the teenager wants to change her life for the better, but she needs help in order to do so.

During the hearing, a Police officer said that although the teenager is generally well-behaved when she is in police custody, she acts up when she is out. Her social worker agreed with this statement.

“We were afraid that we would find her dead,” said the Police official, while adding that there weren’t many other choices for rehabilitation for the young lady as she is still young.

Magistrate Charmaine Galea did not accept the request for bail made by the teenager’s lawyer due to the untrustworthiness of the accused.