Team Malta arrives in Beirut

Updated 12:15 PM
Ali Baba/Facebook

Update: The first and possibly hardest day is done and dusted with thousands of meals having been cooked and distributed.

Update from Beirut after the first day at work 🇱🇧❤️🇲🇹#worldcentralkitchen

Posted by Ali Baba on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A group of chefs from Malta have arrived in Beirut, Lebanon to help feed some of the many thousands displaced by the recent blast.

‘Sabah an Noor’ from Beirut. And the team is already up waiting to be taken to work. It was a very long day of…

Posted by Ali Baba on Monday, August 17, 2020

The man behind this is Hany Harb, the Lebanese chef who runs the Ali Baba restaurant in Gzira.

Harb is joined by chefs, Rafel Sammut, Jean Galea Souchet, Marko Pavlovic, Robert Bonello and Zach De Marco.

When the blast occurred, it took Harb some time to make contact with his family and to know they were safe and sound. According to a Facebook post, that experience was life changing and he felt the urge to go to Beirut and help. He was alone on day one but not for long. The other chefs were quick to offer their help as well.

‘Team Malta for Beirut’ will be part of an emergency kitchen producing 15,000 meals a day to feed the Beirut explosion victims.

The team has also raised €41,000 to benefit those that have lost their livelihoods after the explosion.

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Malta Together is supporting this initiative.