Teachers should teach students with passion – Bishop Grech

Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech said that teachers should teach students with passion because this changes the way students look at school and learning.

He said this during a mass for teachers of government and Church schools during the inauguration of the new scholastic year at Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary. He explained that we need to pay particular attention to the foreign students for easier integration into the Maltese society and teach them and the rest of the students with genuine interest.

“A teacher who burns with passion for the students is the key to the treasure of wisdom. If the teacher communicates what he has learned and loves the subject, the student grasps the material more easily. There is a big difference between a teacher who has a passion to teach and another who does not interest himself in the school or the students.”

According to the Bishop, a student will love to attend school if the teacher shows enthusiasm and love in teaching. He also praised teachers who accompany students who are limited in learning and want what is best for them in the education sector.

The Bishop said that the teachers have an important influence on the students since they are an extension of their home. “You are the light for the students if you help them love to attend school. Dun Lorenzo Milani, a priest who worked for the education of poor children used to say that the secret to success at school is when the teacher is capable of passing on the gift of teaching to the student!” the Bishop claimed.

Mons. Grech said that when the teacher helps students to love learning, a spark is ignited in them and they come to terms with reality.

Gozo College Principa, Dr Denise Mifsud and Inclusive Education Coordinator at Archbishop’s Curia, Stephen Spiteri were also present.