Guidelines issued should schools remain closed

The Ministry for Education has published guidelines should schools not be reopened in September due to the pandemic, as well as revisions to the syllabi. Furthermore, around 1,000 persons have signed a petition for the MATSEC September exams to be held online.

The guidelines refer to three different scenarios that may be upcoming in September. The first considers the reopening of schools and a business as usual situation. The second considers alternating groups of students attending school, in order to limit the spread of the virus. The final scenario considers schools staying closed, and online learning being implemented.

These guidelines are addressed to all levels: kindergarten, primary and secondary. In the case of primary and secondary schools, syllabi have been revised and guidelines have been issued for every subject that is taught.

In general, teachers are being advised to amend their teaching according to what the feel is best for their students. For example, they have been advised to meet their students via online methods should online learning become the norm.

Petition for MATSEC exams to be held online

Around 1000 persons have signed a petition for MATSEC September exams to be held online.

This comes following the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, with students worrying about their health and safety inside the examination rooms.

A spokesperson for MATSEC informed that the MATSEC Director, Dario Pirotta, has confirmed as of today that exams are still planned to be held as usual. However, MATSEC is monitoring the situation and will be following recommendations as issued by the health authorities.

14 new cases of coronavirus were registered today, and no patients have recovered, bringing the total number of active cases up to 199. 5 cases are related to a cluster in Paceville and 3 are family members of previously known cases. Another 6 were sporadic cases.