Tallinja taxis? New premium service allows you to pre-book seats from your phone

Malta Public Transport has just launched a special service which includes pre-booking seats beforehand using the Tallinja app.

This feature is part of a new service called ‘TDplus’ which allows customers to book a trip by choosing the bus stops from which they would like to be picked up and dropped off. Customers can also choose the date and time they would like to be picked up.

Each seat will be equipped with a USB plug and will benefit from the Tallinja Wifi service, which is available on all public buses. Users will also benefit from live updates with information on how far away the booked bus is, similar to current taxi apps.

The fare for a TD Plus trip is €3.00, irrespective of whether customers pre-book the trip using the Tallinja smartphone app or weather the customer pays with the Tallinja Card on the bus.

The bus route is from Pembroke to Valletta and vice versa. Each bus will carry a maximum of 16 passengers. Although the vehicle allows for six standing passengers, no passengers will be allowed to stand during a trip for TD Plus Services.

This premium service is just one of the few new services that Malta Public Transport have put into action. In the past few months, new direct TD routes have been set up, USB plugs and free WIFI have been installed, and additional buses and extended hours are being provided for events such as New Years Eve and Carnival.

Malta Public Transport have also recently revealed innovative designs for a new electric fleet of buses for Malta, that could enable the island to lead the EU in the charge towards zero-emission public transport.

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