Tal Pilar Church Restored

The 17th-century church located in Valletta is now fully restored. The restoration division of AX Construction completed the work in only 7 months.

The works included the restoration of main façade, all the external facades as well as the internal part of the main nave. The most interesting part of the work included restoration of the internal part of the dome as well as the original deffun on the external side of the dome.

Fabio Billi, Restoration Manager at AX Construction explains: “Deffun” is a traditional material made out of lime and powdered pottery. That’s the reason why the dome has a reddish color. If you look around Malta there that are many domes that have this particular color as it was the customary method of waterproofing at the time“.

Denise Micallef Xuereb, AX Construction Director continued “Following the work we did in Birgu, the whole revitalization project of Valletta Waterfront and the restoration of Saint Paul’s Catacombs to name a few this is another project that I am very proud of. Actually today restoration work amounts to 40% of our business with new projects starting in January.”