Take your time in stunning Strasbourg

Miguela Xuereb

When a Maltese is assigned a job in Strasbourg, they are welcomed to a fascinating and cultured city. Rich in heritage, the city brims over with historic sights, as well as numerous modern additions that form a vibrant, contemporary ambiance.

At the centre of the city, a mere 15 minutes of pleasant strolling brings you in front of one of the most stunning places to visit when in Strasbourg, the Notre Dame Cathedral. This stunning 15th century Gothic lacework was built in beautiful rose-colored sandstone. The medieval, astronomical clock is a highlight of the Cathedral, and once you climb up all of  the 332 steps to the top, you get to see Strasbourg in one breathtaking glimpse.

On the way to the Notre Dame Cathedral, you walk through the streets of La Petite France. It’s one of the most stunning parts of Strasbourg. Take your time and wander around, you won’t regret it when looking through the area’s notable numerous canals and historic buildings.

For the most part, journalists or MEPs go to Strasbourg’s European Parliament. Going there as a visitor is a fascinating experience. It’s quite easy to catch either a tram or a taxi there, when on the way you pass through fields of trees and botanical gardens. What’s striking the most is a large cemetery in which the graves are all perfectly aligned. The tall, silent trees surrounding it made the cemetery seem more sombre and brooding, a caretaker of grief.

To sum it up, Strasbourg is without a doubt a beautiful city, clean streets, friendly people and somewhat different to Malta as there are cyclists everywhere!