“Take photos, but don’t tell my wife” – PC Simon Schembri

Il-Kuntistabbli Simon Schembri
Photo: Archives

The compilation of evidence against the underage driver who ran over and dragged constable Simon Schembri for several meters was heard in court on Thursday morning.

Schembri said that when he was close to the airport, he noticed a Mercedes with tinted windows. He knocked on the driver’s window and noticed that the young man did not have his seatbelt on and his seat was reclined. He instructed the man to stop at a bus stop, where he then waiting for him.

The constable said that when the car was two to three metres away, he raised his hand, signalling the car to stop. However, the driver accelerated. “I ended up on the car’s bonnet and I tried to cling on to something in attempt not to slide off. After a couple of seconds, I ended up with my chest facing the floor.”

The accused’s lawyer, Franco Debono, asked Schembri why he did not move when he saw the car accelerating towards him. Schembri explained that he was one metre away and that he wanted to stop the car.

Schembri explained that he does not remember what the car’s speed was; however, he remembers feeling indescribable pain. He felt as if his body was melting, and was conscious of the fact that he was fighting for his life. Schembri asked the other police officer to take photos and to not tell his wife.

Schembri explained that all the necessary protective equipment was offered by the Police Corp, except for a helmet, a jacket and gloves; however he was given permission to buy this equipment himself. The helmet he was wearing was offered a greater grade of protection than that offered by the police corps.

Last May in Triq Ħal Qormi, Luqa, Schembri was run over by a young man, an incident which left Schembri critically injured and resulted in him losing his ight arm. The youth was arrested by the Rapid Intervention Unit in Ħal Farruġ and was taken to court the following day.

Forty-seven accusations, including that of attempted murder, were filed against the young man.