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Graffitti urges PA to reject massive Xlendi development

Moviment Graffitti has urged the Planning Authority to reject plans to construct an 8-storey apartment block which would tower over Xlendi Bay, on the eve of a hearing on the development application.

Man admits to sexually harassing woman in Xlendi

A 32-year-old man is awaiting sentencing after he admitted to sexually harassing a woman in Xlendi.

Watch: MTA sponsors archaeological exploration of Phoenician wreck off Xlendi

The Malta Tourism Authority has extended a sponsorship agreement with the University of Malta’s Department of Classics and Archaeology to continue its study of a 2,700-year-old merchant vessel which sunk off the coast of Xlendi.

Planning Authority removes illegally-built structures

Structures in Qrendi and Xlendi were among the illegal developments removed, the Planning Authority said in a statement on Tuesday. Some these structures dated back as the early 1980s and were removed after the PA compliance and enforcement officers warned those involved of imminent direct action.

Former mayors to be commemorated

In this year’s edition of 'In Memoriam', the Munxar Local Council together with the JP2 Foundation will be commemorating the former Mayor of Munxar...