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Is mail from China safe? WHO dispels coronavirus myths

Myths – and outright fake news – often take hold when an outbreak of a new disease spreads, and the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak has been no exception.

Pandemic risk rising for coronavirus outbreak

The world may be edging closer to a pandemic as the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to spread far from its point of origin in central China.

Coronavirus disease officially named Covid-19

The current outbreak of novel coronavirus that has led the World Health Organisation to declare a global health emergency has finally received an official name: Covid-19.

WHO declares coronavirus global health emergency; 1st US case

The United States reported its first case of person-to-person transmission of a fast-spreading new coronavirus on Thursday

U.S. to screen passengers for new China coronavirus at three airports

So far, the new virus has spread outside of China to Japan and Thailand, and CDC officials said in a conference call with reporters that they expect more cases will be reported outside of China. The risk to Americans is deemed to be low, the CDC said.

How one county scrambled to keep America measles-free

In Rockland County, New York, a wooded suburb 30 miles north of Manhattan, a teenage boy lay in a room in an...

Microplastics are present even in drinking water – WHO

Dr Maria Neira, World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Public Health Department Director, has insisted that microplastics are present even in the water we drink.Microplastics, which...

Stop ignoring Libya, President Vella warns

Why are the UN and the Western world ignoring Libya, asked President George Vella in a tweet on Friday. Vella said that a humanitarian...

Fundación Mapfre joins UN #Speakup Campaign

Promoting a global campaign to fight against distractions at the wheel.

Public anger as air pollution in Western Balkan cities worsens

When winter arrives in the Western Balkans, it is not unusual for dense smog to envelop its cities, making it hard to breathe and...