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Watershed moment in urban planning – Minister Aaron Farrugia

Minister Aaron Farrugia said that the next edition of the planning blueprint for Malta will be issued in two years’ time.

€150 fine if caught disposing of recyclable material near iBins

GreenPak COOP has advised the public that whoever gets caught disposing of recyclable material near the iBins will be fined €150.

Government invests in turning waste into a resource, Minister says

State-of-the-art waste management facilities will drive the country towards a circular economy, with all waste streams being reutilised to their full potential, Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia said.

Malta generates less waste in 2018, but construction waste on the...

Malta registered a 4.8% drop in the amount of solid waste generated in 2018, but construction waste – which accounts for nearly three quarters of the amount – bucked the trend with an 11.8% increase.

White substance leads to shut down of Gozo sewage plant

The Water Services Corporation said that an unidentified white substance was illegally discharge into the system.

Public Cleansing Department removes 14,000 tonnes of illegal waste yearly –...

The Department of public cleansing cleared up almost 100,000 tonnes of illegally dumped material over the past 7 years.

New seabins to be situated around Maltese coast

New seabins are currently being installed in different ports around Malta. This was announced during a press conference in Birgu, where the first sea...

Illegal dumpers should have their vehicle licences suspended – MDA

Those illegally dumping construction waste should face ‘drastic consequences criminal actions,’ the Malta Developers Association has said.This could include, ‘the...

Photos: Cash for trash: Indonesia village banks on waste recycling

Indonesia's crackdown on imported foreign waste has upset the village of Bangun, where residents say they earn more money sorting through piles of garbage...

G20 agrees to tackle ocean plastic waste

Group of 20 environment ministers agreed on Sunday to adopt a new implementation framework for actions to tackle the issue of marine plastic waste...