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Vulnerable persons ignored by the government in the Budget!

On 29 March 2020, Legal Notice 111 of 2020, ordered that “vulnerable persons”, including “persons of sixty-five (65) years of age or over” “are to remain segregated in their residence”.

Police on patrol bring smiles to those stuck inside

A photo shared by the Police on their official Facebook page shed light onto the softer side of the officers as they reminded everyone that it is a collective effort to flatten the curve and ensure that our public health system is not overwhelmed.

‘If COVID-19 persists, vulnerable people would be more at risk’ –...

Dr Falzon clearly stated that if the situation persists and there was no direct assistance then the situation for those who are more vulnerable would inevitably get worse. He said that while as NGOs they are offering their services and assistance to those who need it, there was a limit to the work that they could do.

NGO raises €7,000 in 24hrs to buy meals for vulnerable people

Local NGO, JCI Malta (Junior Chamber International Malta) has managed to raise over €7,000 in just 24 hours of campaigning as part of their project called ‘Buy a Meal’ aimed at helping two sectors of society.

20 Church entities call for solidarity towards the most vulnerable

20 Church entities have called on authorities to take further concrete measures to ensure that people living in poverty are not left without the basic necessities for a dignified life. In a statement issued on Thursday, the entities stated that they are extremely concerned about the impact that the coronavirus outbreak will have on the most vulnerable people. They said that the economic fall out will surely affected the poorest and the most marginalised in society.

We need a ‘Social Europe’ in next EU Parliament – Sant

The Labour Party MEP candidate Alfred Sant is calling for the creation of a more ‘Social Europe’ during the next EU legislature.The former Prime...