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Voxpop: What are your expectations from budget 2021?

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna will be delivering the budget speech to the House of Representatives at 6:30 pm.

Voxpop: Did you feel the earth tremor?

On Wednesday afternoon Newsbook.com.mt asked people in Valletta if they felt the earth tremor.

Vox pop: Do you keep up to date with local politics?

The vox pop was carried out in Valletta and Paola.

Voxpop: Online classes or should students return to school?

On Monday afternoon, Education Minister Owen Bonnici announced that schools will reopen as from the 28th of September.

Voxpop: Traffic back to “normality” post COVID-19?

During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic many were stuck at home and made little use of their cars since the majority of the people were working from home.

Voxpop: Do you agree with the way feasts are being celebrated?

Given that as from the 1st of July certain coronavirus restrictions were lifted by the authorities, the Curia of the Archbishop had announced that Solemn Mass and a procession in the form of a pilgrimage will be allowed to celebrate the Titular and Secondary feasts in our parishes.