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81.2% of €100 vouchers redeemed

A total of 81.2% of the €100 government vouchers have been used or redeemed so far, with the government estimating that they have brought about an economic injection of €52.6 million.

Listen: Covid-19’s R number keeps rising

The R number of the Covid-19 pandemic in Malta – which measures the rate of transmission – has kept growing in recent days, hovering around 1.5-1.6 at present, according to statistician Vincent Marmarà.

Listen: If social distancing is crucial, mass events should not have...

It made little sense to hold mass events when social distancing is deemed crucial to keep the Covid-19 pandemic in check, according to statistician Vincent Marmarà.

Easing restrictions? Let the stats speak – Marmara

Dr Marmara, who spent eleven years studying on such infectious diseases from a mathematical perspective, expressed his caution and concern on how to interpret data and not rush to conclusions which are based on what one sees abroad.