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MEA calls for revision in utility rates for households and businesses

The Malta Employers' Association put forward a number of proposals aimed at mitigating the impact of the economic crisis on businesses and families.

PN MPs challenge government to slash utility bills

A number of Nationalist MPs challenged the government to reduce utility prices in parliament this evening, arguing that it had its hands tied because of the “corrupt” energy deal reached with the Electrogas consortium.

MDA puts forward a set of proposals ‘aimed at supporting families’

In its meeting with Prime Minister Robert Abela, the MDA insisted that the state should protect jobs and safeguard those families who found themselves in a very difficult situation. The lobby proposed an increase in the number of free units for both water and electricity bills. It explained that free units which should be given based on the number of residents in every household, should be given until the crisis.

Chamber of Commerce urges government to issue assistance measures for companies

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has called on the Government to launch a set of assistance measures for companies in a statement on Thursday. The Chamber said that such measures should come in immediately and without further delay, in order for the companies to weather the initial storm which the coronavirus pandemic is bringing on the Maltese economy.

Watch: Energy Minister does not exclude a change in billing system

Utility bills have been undergoing an analysis for several months now, according to Energy Minister Joe Mizzi. Mizzi emphasized on the importance of waiting...