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UK Prime Minister will return to work on Monday

Johnson has been recovering at the British prime ministerial retreat, Chequers, outside London since he was discharged from hospital on 12 April.

Human trials for UK coronavirus vaccine

Hancock mentioned trials at Oxford and Imperial College London universities remarking that they are both "promising" projects and that rapid progress was being made.

British PM tests positive for coronavirus

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus. Johnson announced the result in a tweet.

British abroad advised to return home immediately

In a video published on Facebook, the British High Commissioner to Malta Stuart William Gill explained that the Foreign Office amended its travel advice and urged all UK travellers around the world to return home now.

EU agrees on a new mandate for negotiations with UK

The General Affairs Council of he European Union today agreed on a new mandate for the European Commission to start negotiations with the United Kingdom on a future trade agreement between the two parties.

Man who lived in Malta flew to UK to abuse 12-year-old...

Matthieu Hilaire flew to the UK thinking he was going to sexually abuse a 12-year-old girl. The National Crime Agency said that he was arrested near a cafe in south east England on 10 December last year. The man found NCA officers waiting for him, and when arrested the man asked: 'Yes. Yes, ok, what am I likely to get for this?'

A new dawn for Europe

As the night draws in this evening, the sun will set on more than 45 years of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union. For us, as Presidents of the three main EU institutions, today will inevitably be a day of reflection and mixed emotions – as it will for so many people.

UK will not automatically deport EU nationals after Brexit – Verhofstadt

Britain will not automatically deport European Union citizens who have not applied for the right to remain in the country after Brexit

Japanese emperor to make state visit to United Kingdom

The visit will take place in Spring 2020.

More than 6.3 million passengers at MIA

More than 6.3 million passengers were welcomed at the Malta International Airport between January and October. The airport registered a 6.7% increase...