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UK government handling of pandemic over Christmas is a gamble –...

Government gambling with UK's future - report

UK Maltese nationals urged to register for new residency status

Malta will be issuing a 10-year residence permit to UK citizens currently residing in Malta

Von der Leyen says she cannot say whether a deal will...

"One thing is clear: Whatever the outcome, there has to be – and there will be – a clear difference between being a full member of the Union and being just a valued partner." - Von der Leyen

Spain and UK will not make vaccination compulsary

UK and Spain will not force their citizens to take the Covid-19 vaccine

UK first European country to reach 50,000 coronavirus deaths

The death toll is higher than the other worst-affected countries in Europe.

Over 5,600 potential UK beneficiaries apply for new residency document

Identity Malta has also allocated personnel to run an after-hours evening service which targets specifically potential UK beneficiaries who are applying for their new residency card.

House of Commons vote in favour of new lockdown measures

England’s House of Commons voted in favour of the new shutdown by 516 to 38, a majority of 478.

Johnson to face Farage’s challenge on UK lockdown

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage will relaunch the group as an anti-lockdown party.

England heads to lockdown

Uk heads to lockdown

Jeremy Corbyn to fight his suspension from Labour

On Thursday, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) found Labour guilty of unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination as a result of "inexcusable" failures to tackle anti-Semitism under Mr Corbyn's leadership.