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Von Der Leyen: No post-Brexit deal without ‘level playing field’

Ursula von der Leyen, said "Our priority is and remains to be to reach an agreement. But we also have the responsibility to prepare for all possible scenarios."

UK abandons plan to introduce full border checks with EU on...

Britain left the EU on Jan. 31 and has made very little progress in talks about a trade deal, negotiators have said.

UK pledges £200 million in aid to help stop second coronavirus...

Britain said on Sunday it was pledging 200 million pounds to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and charities to help slow the spread of the coronavirus in vulnerable countries and so help prevent a second wave of infections.

Actor Michael Sheen urges UK to use hotels as refuges during...

Hollywood actor and activist Michael Sheen urged the British government to turn empty hotels into refuges for people fleeing violence at home during the coronavirus lockdown as he warned there would be a dramatic increase in domestic abuse.

Health Care Workers share selfies after their Covid-19 shifts

I feel broken – and we are only at the start. British Nurse

India announces ban of own citizens returning from EU, Turkey and...

Many countries have announced travel bans due to the outbreak of coronavirus or Covid-19 around the world. Some 170,000 people have been infected across the global and the death toll is over 6,500. So far, India has about 112 reported cases but the government fears that the number is set to rise. The World Health Organisation has declared a pandemic.

Smart cameras and baby monitors vulnerable to hackers – UK cyber...

Baby monitors and wireless cameras risk being hacked by cyber criminals UK cyber security warns.

Britain and EU start Brexit talks

Britain and the EU will assess in June whether sealing a basic trade deal is possible by the end of the year.

UK expected to publish negotiation positions with the EU

The Malta Business Bureau (MBB) said that the Council of the European Union has authorized the opening of negotiations for a new partnership with the United Kingdom which is expected to publish its negotiating position.

UK heralds end of ‘cheap labour from Europe’ with post-Brexit immigration...

The new system will treat EU and non-EU citizens the same.