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“Covid-19 transmission within Mosta Primary B”; Govt. denies

Sources told Newsbook.com.mt that a student in Mosta Primary school B contracted Covid-19 from a teacher, indicating transmission within the school. However, the Ministry for Education has denied this.

Wear masks in public says WHO, in update of COVID-19 advice

The World Health Organization (WHO) updated its guidance on Friday to recommend that governments ask everyone to wear fabric face masks in public areas where there is a risk of transmission of COVID-19 to help reduce the spread of the pandemic disease.

We’re under partial lockdown, says Abela

Speaking on Partit Laburista TV station, Abela mainly spoke about the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. Various entities have called on the government to go on total lockdown to minimise the spread of coronavirus. Until now, all those who have tested positive to Covid-19 were either in high risk countries or abroad. All cases have been "imported" and to date none of those cases resulted from a local transmission.