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Encyclical special 2: ‘No’ to a “culture of walls”

Pope Francis’s third Encyclical Letter “Fratelli tutti” on fraternity and social friendship opens by a brief introduction followed by eight chapters.

Two suspected drug traffickers arrested in Bormla

A search of the vehicle yielded suspected cocaine, heroin and crack.

Drug use and possession land over 5,000 in court

Between 2013-2019, 3,800 persons were arraigned in court accused of having drugs in their possession.

Watch: Prostitution victims welcomed at Dar Hosea

Dar Hosea welcomes several women who are victims of prostitution, offering them warm meals and showers.In a...

‘The buying of sex should be a criminal offence’

The sale of human beings for sex should be considered a crime.That is one of three proposals submitted by...

Thai child trafficker sentenced to record 374 years in jail

A Thai trafficker was sentenced to a record 374 years in jail for child trafficking in a ruling that lawyers say will...

Human, Like you: budget proposals against human trafficking

The Budget program for 2020 is set to include the setting up of a professional service which will operate an exit program...

Man with Mafia connections arrested at Pozzallo port

An Italian man allegedly connected with the Mafia, was arrested a few days ago at the port of Pozzallo, shortly after arriving from Malta.

Men kept under arrest accused of cannabis trafficking involvement

A 24 year old man from Cospicua and a 47 year old man from Żejtun are being kept under arrest after being...

20 people arrested on drugs possession in Rabat

Police investigations are underway after almost a dozen people were arrested for drugs possession outside Rabat yesterday evening.Twenty people understood to be between the...