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Civil Society Network calls for public inquiry into police corruption

The Civil Society Network is calling for a public inquiry into the alleged racket run by police officers within the Traffic Section – as well as any possible systematic corruption and abuse of power which may have taken place in the last 20 years.

Watch: Education is essential to policing – Dr Muscat

For the Police Force to be more independent from political interference, one needs to populate it with educated individuals, former Police Inspector Dr Mary Muscat told Newsbook.com.mt.

Police Inspector Edmond Cuschieri to head Traffic Section

A police spokesperson told this newsroom that Assistant Commissioner Nezren Grixti who heads two units - the Rapid Intervention Unit and the Special Intervention Unit will be also heading the Traffic Unit. This means that Assistant Commissioner Anthony Cassar will no longer head the section.

PD asks PM to reverse resignation of police officers under investigation

The Partit Demokratiku is asking Prime Minister Robert Abela to reverse the resignations of traffic police officers allegedly involved in overtime fraud – a move which would enable them to keep their service pensions.

“Solidarity with thousands of officers who carry out their duties with...

In a statement published on Facebook, the MPA reacted to the probe into the overtime racket which saw some 40 traffic police officers arrested.

“I would have shouldered political responsibility had I not taken action”...

Asked by the press about the overtime racket, Energy Minister Farrugia insisted that at the time he was responsible for the Police, he had received a letter from the whistleblower which was immediately passed on to the permanent secretary and to then Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar. The letter was received sometime at the end of last year.

Police Superintendent suspected of fraud resigns

The Police Superintendent is being investigated for suspected overtime abuse involving more than half the members of the police's traffic squad.

People are not happy with Court’s decision – PI Camilleri

Police Officers’ Union President (POU) and Inspector Sandro Camilleri said that a number of persons have communicated their dissapointmnet with his over phone or...