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Splendid Beethoven at The Splendid

The Strada Stretta Concept, operating under the Valletta Cultural Agency, is organising Splendid Beethoven at Splendid on the 6th and 7th September.

The reality of being one with beauty

The gaze can grasp what is in front of us but it cannot hold the truth forever. The works being presented by artist Clint Scerri Harkins in this exhibition are some of the intimate moments which the artist captured through the lens, confronting the feeling and reality of being one with beauty.

Watch: Can a random meeting change a person’s life?

This is what the six characters in Appuntamenti ask themselves when, on one very normal morning, each waits at a bus stop....

Beslan school massacre play in Malta

US/THEM turns tragedy on its head as terrorism is retold from a child’s perspective.