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15 new coronavirus cases

Daily coronavirus bulletin

40 new coronavirus cases recorded; 699 active cases in total

A total of 40 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed overnight on Thursday, after 3,030 swab tests were carried out overnight.

63 new coronavirus cases recorded; 537 active cases

The total number of active coronavirus cases in Malta is now

Watch: Passengers arriving to Malta may be asked to take swab...

Passengers arriving from certain destinations to Malta may be asked to present a certificate showing that they have tested negative for coronavirus up to 48 hours prior to landing in Malta.

49 new coronavirus cases registered

2,200 swab tests carried out overnight

Over 14,000 tested for Covid-19 more than once

Over 14,000 people needed to be tested for Covid-19 on more than one occasion, figures revealed in Parliament show.

Active coronavirus cases down to 11

Over 100,000 swab tests for coronavirus have been carried out so far

One new coronavirus case; 3 recover

To date, 87,462 swab tests were carried out and a total of 664 coronavirus cases were registered.

2 coronavirus cases detected; 11 recover

Daily coronavirus update

7 fined for breaching social distancing rules

Seven individuals have been fined a €100 each after breaching social distancing rules on Thursday.