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Leak implicates Cypriot politicians in sale of EU passports to criminals

An investigation by Al Jazeera has revealed how Cypriot politicians, lawyers and real estate companies have been involved in the sale of EU passports to non-EU citizens with criminal records in the wake of the “Cyprus Papers” leak of 1,400 documents on the island country’s golden passport scheme.

Cyprus’ EU citizenship sales scheme is a significant security risk for...

Referring to an investigative report published by Al Jazeera, Giegold said that what had been feared for a long time has now been confirmed.

Renewed call for justice 1,000 days after Caruana Galizia’s assassination

Various press freedom organisations and two European politicians have released a statement to mark the 1,000th day since investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was murdered. In their separate statements they noted, that to date justice has not been served.

European auditors to scrutinise anti-money laundering supervision

The European Court of Auditors announced on Friday that it will scrutinise the effectiveness of the European anti-money laundering supervision in the banking sector by means of an audit report.

EC should consider an EU financial police – Sven Giegold

The European Commission should consider suggesting an EU financial police in the framework of Europol as requested by the European Parliament, according to MEP Sven Giegold.

“Chances of new start under PM Abela have already diminished” –...

German MEP and European Financial and Economic Policy spokesperson Sven Giegold stated that the European Commission must get serious and start a dialogue with Malta on the rule of law under Article 7 and initiate a number of specific infringement proceedings. In a press statement, Giegold said that it is not enough for President von der Leyen to simply encourage Malta’s Prime Minister to continue reforms.

“Abela deserves a chance, but scepticism is appropriate” – Giegold

Newly elected PL leader Robert Abela deserves a change, but scepticism is appropriate according to MEP Sven Giegold.

“How can we afford a government in moral ruin?” EP discusses...

The plenary session of the European Parliament is meeting on Tuesday to discuss the findings on the special commission sent to Malta a few days ago.

Joseph Muscat was on the defensive – Giegold

Greens MEP Sven Giegold said that in his meeting with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat he had been used to meeting a confident man who would show that the criticism was unfounded. “This time it was different,” said Giegold.

EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive should become a Regulation – Giegold

The European Anti-Money Laundering Directive needs to become a Regulation, Green MEP Sven Giegold has said.Within this, the...