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Supermarkets yes, Churches no. Why? ask French intellectuals

The French bishops had also proposed that the opening of churches for worship be accompanied by the limiting of the number of faithful in churches and the imposition of strict hygienic measures.

Photos: Supermarkets are not musical

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, supermarkets have implemented diverse measures to ensure the safety of their workforce but also of their customers. Initiatives have been taken in order to control the growing situation with crowds in many of their supermarkets.

Maltese NGO calls for food waste restrictions in supermarkets

It proposed making it illegal for supermarkets to throw food away

100 families seek the Food Bank’s weekly help

A hundred needy families seek help from the Food Bank. These families fall under a category that would not even have sustenance means.The Food...

2 arrested after thieving from supermarkets in Gozo

Two men have been brought forward in Gozitan court after committing 2 acts of theft in supermarkets in Gozo.In a press release, the Police...