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Thinking about washing your car?

Take a look at next week’s forecast

Photo of the week: Summer in the city

It's mid-July, the heatwave in Malta has caused temperatures to soar as high as 33 degrees Celsius. A couple is seen holding an umbrella to keep them protected from the scorching sun, whilst wearing a face mask to keep the coronavirus away.

Europe heat wave and U.S. spring test new coronavirus rules

Protests are also heating arguing the government restrictions demolish personal liberties and are wrecking economies.

Pickpocketer gets another 5 months in prison

A 34-year-old woman was condemned to an additional five months in prison after she admitted to fresh charges of pickpocketing that had...

Hottest June since 1923

Last June was the hottest one in Malta since 1923.According to a press release issued by the...

An extra hour of sleep on Sunday

Clocks will go back one hour on Sunday 27 October, when they are striking 3, turning back to 2am.

54% of Maltese not in favour of summertime all year round

According to a press release published today by the European Commission, the public consultation resulted in 54% Maltese wanting to abolish the clock change. The...

Over 363 hours of sunshine in July

Air temperature for the month ranged between 20.2˚C and 35.7˚C. Average sea temperature was 0.9˚C higher than the norm. The brightest July day enjoyed almost 14 hours of sunshine

Expected storms keep us on edge

Whether you assumed that the rain would be a relief from the intense heat that has taken over European countries the past month, or...

Southern Europe issues heat warnings; German dry spell unearths WW2 munitions

Mediterranean countries issued severe weather warnings on Thursday, as a heatwave pushed temperatures above 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) in Europe and falling water levels...