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New plan of action soon to be enforced at out-patients department

The e-mail which was sent by the Medical Director at Mater Dei Hospital says that the measures will come into force as of the 25th of September and that the date has been set in advance to allow doctors to come into line with the new plan of action.

154 fines for breaching face masks regulations

The figures recorded on the local enforcement system (LES) includes a list of coronavirus-realted infringements between 13 March and 31 August.

People not wearing face masks cannot be reported on 119

Readers who have spoken to Newsbook.com.mt said that they have used the number which was publicized by the health authorities to report instances when a person was seen without a mask in a public place and another person was breaching quarantine rules.

Spain closes nightclubs, reintroduces restrictive coronavirus measures

Among the restrictive measures, the regions have also banned smoking in outdoor areas when keeping a safe distance is impossible. The measures are aimed at curbing a rise in the coronavirus infections.

Pathologists warn that coronavirus pandemic is spiralling out of control

In a statement on Monday, the college noted that Malta went from being the 'poster child' of European success to the pandemic to being on the quarantine list of an increasing number of countries.

Watch: Govt limiting size of mass events to ensure social distancing

Minister for Health Chris Fearne is to be addressing a press conference at 7pm.

New normal – How far is safe enough?

Personal space means different things in different countries, cultures and contexts. People draw invisible boundaries based on how close they are to the people they interact with, from close friends and family to strangers on the street.

Public returns to St. Peter’s Square; pope calls for defence of...

Only a few dozen people went to the square, which was reopened on Monday along with St Peter's Basilica following coronavirus lockdowns. They kept to social distancing rules and most wore masks.

Priest uses toy water pistol to bless churchgoers with holy water

Fr Timothy Pell, a Roman Catholic priest in Detroit, USA came up with a novel way of blessing his parishioners - getting them to remain in their cars while he squirted holy water at them using a toy water pistol.

Belair Property: outsmarting social distancing

TalkToBelair.com has been launched to provide clients with face-to-face professional advice that Belair has become so proudly renowned for, through its years of experience and ethical business dealings.