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Sliema double murder: ‘Don’t put me in the same cell as...

The gathering of evidence against 36-year-old Viktor Dragomanski, the second suspect charged in the Sliema double murder, continues on Friday.

Premier and First Division matches suspended after athlete tests positive

It appears that the player who tested positive had a swab test before the game between Neptunes and Sliema held on Sunday evening. The player did not go into isolation.

Car crashes into Sliema coffee shop; 3 hospitalised

The incident occurred at 7.45pm.

Sliema double murder: Accused found wearing victim’s necklace at time of...

Police Inspectors Colin Sheldon and James Grech are expected to testify against one of the three men suspected to be involved in the Sliema double murder.

Sliema murder suspect: Third suspect has fled to Spain – report

The media house revealed that the third suspect is also a foreigner however he is not from the Balkans.

Sliema’s Nicholas Grixti wins BOV Water Polo Player of the Month...

Sliema ASC and National Team goalkeeper Nicholas Grixti is the BOV Player of the Month for July 2020.

Sliema double murder: 2 men released without a charge

Two Maltese men who were arrested on Tuesday in connection the double murder that took place in Sliema last week, were released without a charge.

What’s the next step after the arrests in connection to Sliema’s...

A man has been arrested in connection to the murder while it is understood that the police is searching for two other individuals linked to the murder

People grieve the loss of Pandolfino and Maciejowski

On Tuesday, a man believed by the police to be the ‘prime suspect’ in the double murder was arrested during a police raid in Floriana.

Sliema double murder: Getaway car found in car park near St...

The white SUV had been reported stolen two years ago from Gżira, but carried number plates which were stolen recently from another car which was parked in Paceville.