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Sliema double murder: suspect admits to theft, but not killings

One of the three suspects in the double murder that took place in a Sliema home last August admitted to police that he had stolen valuables, but insisted that he did not kill anyone.

Sliema double murder: ‘Don’t put me in the same cell as...

The gathering of evidence against 36-year-old Viktor Dragomanski, the second suspect charged in the Sliema double murder, continues on Friday.

Sliema double murder: “Let’s go. We’re done here”

The compilation of evidence against the second suspect in the gruesome double murder of Christian Pandolfino and Ivor Maciejowski is expected to started on Wednesday afternoon before Magistrate Joe Mifsud.

Watch: Footage of third suspect linked to Sliema double murder released

The man, Danish national, was arrested in a hotel in Cadiz. On the 30th of August. He was arrested following a joint collaboration between the Maltese and Spanish law enforcement officers.

Sliema double murder; Prosecution to summon witnesses on Thursday

Albanian National Daniel Muka is being arraigned for the first time in court today accused of the murder of Christian Pandolfino and his partner Ivor Maciejowski in Sliema

Sliema double murder: Third suspect arrested in Spain

The suspect left the country on Friday 28 August.

Sliema murder suspect: Third suspect has fled to Spain – report

The media house revealed that the third suspect is also a foreigner however he is not from the Balkans.

Police issue European Arrest Warrant for third suspect in Sliema double...

Police said that it has received information that the third suspect linked to the murder has absconded on a flight to another European country which is in the Schengen area.

Sliema double murder: Second man charged; Pleads not guilty

The man was charged with the couple’s murder on 18 August, theft, extortion, possession of a weapon during the commission of the offences, handling stolen goods, stealing a vehicle and switching its number plates with other stolen ones.

Sliema double murder; Second suspect arrested

The Police has arrested another man in connection to the Sliema double murder. In a statement issued this morning the Police said that the arrest happened on Wednesday evening at around 11 pm.