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Repubblika files complaint over authorities’ refusal to provide list of FIAU...

Repubblika has complained to the Data Protection Commissioner after over the authorities’ refusal to provide a list of persons nominated to serve on the board of governors of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit – a list which would include former deputy commissioner Silvio Valletta.

Silvio Valletta denies warning Yorgen Fenech about police raid

Former police deputy commissioner Silvio Valletta denied warning Yorgen Fenech – the former Tumas Group CEO accused of ordering the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia – about a police raid on murder plot middleman Melvin Theuma, as Theuma had alleged in Court.

Silvio Valletta denies Theuma’s claims

Former Deputy Police Commissioner, Silvio Valletta, in a press statement, said he denies giving information to Yorgen Fenech, about the investigation on the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Aquilina lambasts Finance Minister over Silvio Valletta’s FIAU appointment

Nationalist MP Karol Aquilina launched a strong condemnation of Finance Minister Edward Scicluna over his decision to appoint former police officer Silvio Valletta – the husband of former minister Justyne Caruana – to the board of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, insisting that the minister needed to assume political responsibility over his choice.

“Timing of the emerging allegations led to Caruana’s resignation”

Justyne Caruana’s resignation from Gozo Minister, her husband’s trips with Yorgen Fenech and Prime Minister Abela’s reaction to this political scenario were discussed this morning with TV presenter Peppi Azzopardi, Minister Aaron Farrugia and PN MP Therese Comodini Cachia during the programme Newsbook Hour on 103 Malta’s Heart, presented by Fr. Joe Borg.

“Publish document in which Valletta was nominee on FIAU board” –...

Rule of law NGO Repubblika called for Finance Minister Edward Scicluna's resignation for insisting to keep then Deputy Police Commissioner Silvio Valletta on the FIAU board.

Justyne Caruana to contest next general election

MP Justyne Caruana said that as 45-year-old, she still has 'a lot to offer to the people and the country'.

Silvio Valletta met Yorgen Fenech in 2016; watched another match with...

Former Deputy Police Commissioner Silvio Valletta

Former Deputy Police Commissioner under investigation

Silvio Valletta has been called in for questioning at the Police Headquarters

Anton Refalo sworn in as Minister

Government MP Clint Camilleri who was sworn in as minister last week, was given the Gozo portfolio while Refalo will now head the new Agriculture and Fisheries ministry.