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Pre-fabricated hospital scandal: First documents – Jason Azzopardi

Minister: how on earth will you, with confidence and sincerity, assure the Maltese public that the lowest bid (€3.9M accepted at 10:28am) is indeed in the best interest of the Maltese patients, rather than the highest bid of €29M accepted at 13:51hrs)? Or will you decide that the €8.9M bid (accepted at 9.49am) is indeed providing better value for money than the €6.5M bid (accepted at 10am)?

Australian woman charged with contaminating strawberries with needles

A 50-year-old woman will face court on Monday after police charged her with contaminating strawberries with needles, an episode that spurred one of Australia's...

The Scandal of the Arms Industry

Answering journalists on his way back from Riga to Rome,  His Holiness also took the time to address the issue of the massive military...