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New rural policy to be published for public consultation

The Chairperson of the Planning Authority’s Executive Council Martin Saliba said that the proposed Rural Policy and Design Guidance document which will be published for public consultation in the coming days will replace the current Policy of 2014.

Taking the Mickey(2): Periti call public consultation by PA ‘a mockery’

The Kamra tal-Periti(KTP) has described as a mockery the three-week consultation period on Rural Policy Design Guidance (RPDG 14), “…especially when considering the vast implications that this policy has on our quality of life, and on the sensitivity of our natural environment”.

Audio: “You’re taking the mickey ” – Prof Torpiano

“This is hardly consultation”. This was the irate remark of Prof Alex Torpiano, a well- established architect and President of Din l-Art...

PD push to revamp Rural Policy

The Partit Demokratiku have stated that they will be contacting the Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Development Planning to immediately amend the Rural Policy...