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MFSA CEO Joseph Cuschieri resigns

The CEO of the Malta Financial Services Authority, Joseph Cuschieri, has resigned from his post.

Who could replace Edward Scicluna in Parliament?

Three candidates could replace Prof. Scicluna in Parliament.

Watch: PN MP hints for Delia’s resignation to clear his name

On Thursday after Thake gave his testimony in the magisterial inquiry called to look into the allegations, Thake said he believes that whoever serves in politics should serve the country and whoever is facing certain allegations must resign to be able to clear one’s name, said Thake when asked by Newsbook.com.mt what should be the next step for the Nationalist Party following these allegations.

Casual election to replace Chris Cardona set for 13th May

The Electoral Commission will be receiving candidates’ nominations for a casual election to elect a member of parliament in the Eighth Electoral District following the resignation of former Economy Minister Chris Cardona.

Calls for FSWS CEO to resign after posting comments to incite...

Many are calling for the removal of the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation of Social Welfare Services (FSWS) Alfred Grixti following his comments on social media where he said that the NGOs ship, which assists migrants, should be destroyed.

Robert Arrigo is not resigning

Nationalist Party (PN) Deputy Leader Robert Arrigo stated that he is not resigning.

PN MP Marthese Portelli resigns

PN MP Marthese Portelli has resigned from Parliament. Marthese Portelli announced her resignation on a Facebook. Portelli thanked PN Leader Adrian Delia and former PN Leader Simon Busuttil for having always shown trust in her.

Film Commissioner denies favouritism amongst local producers

The Malta Producers Accociation is demanding for the resignation of the Film Commissioner Johann Grech after allegations have emerged that the Malta Film Commission has been selectively promoting certain local film production companies to international producers to the exclusion of everyone else in the industry.

Chris Cardona is not resigning

Labour Party (PL) Member of Parliament (MP) Chris Cardona stated that he is not resigning.

Voxpop: Should Adrian Delia stay or resign?

The PN leadership crisis has been dominating most of the local news with many asking the question if PN leader Adrian Delia should step down or not. In the past two weeks, Delia has faced a barrage of criticism by PN MPs who want him out.