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Complaints to Ombudsman decrease due to COVID-19

Data in the Ombudsplan 2021 shows that between January and August this year, the office received 323 complaints which means a decrease of 17% when compared to the same period least year.

Amnesty International accuses Malta of illegal tactics against refugees

In its latest report titled Waves of impunity: Malta’s human rights violations Europe’s responsibilities in the Central Mediterranean, Amnesty International shows how the government tactics are exposing countless people to "appalling suffering and risking their lives".

More than 1,600 promises of sale registered during July 2020

Preliminary data shows that more than 1,600 promises of sale were registered last month, with a total value exceeding €330 million. This puts July 2020 as one of the best months since 2017.

119 workplaces inspected during July had hazards potentially leading to ...

During last month a total of 680 workplace inspections were carried out by OHSA.

Commissioner for the elderly presents 2019 annual report

The report mentions how during 2019, the Commission participated in various television and radio programmes to create more awareness about the rights for older persons, about the problems of solitude and abuse on older persons and about the psychological benefits of social participation and active participation. The Commission also met with several other stakeholders who also work for the elderly.

Asylum applications expected to begin increasing again

On Thursday the European Asylum Support Office published its annual flagship EASO Asylum Report. It presents a comprehensive overview of the latest key developments in asylum data, policy, practice and legislation.

NAO casts doubts on ITS land transfer

The Auditor General has expressed his doubts on the regularitiy of the tender issued by Projets Malta to transfer the Institute of Tourism Studies building to the DB Group. The tender was issued five years ago.

Malta’s capabilities are not in line – Moneyval

Malta’s capability to effectively fight money laundering does not seem to be in line with its risk profile and the growing size and complexity...

Two persons committed suicide following discharge from hospital – Ministry of...

Two persons have committed suicide less than a month after they have been discharged following a mental health diagnosis. These statistics have been issued...

Environmental risks increase if Malta won’t fund Marine Directive measures –...

The risk of environmental degradation will only increase if there isn’t the funding to support ‘new measures’ within the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, an...