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Over 400,000 Syrian citizens returned to their country from Turkey

414,000 Syrian citizens have returned to their country after fleeing to Turkey to avoid the Syrian civil war.

Archbishop outlines the path to national healing

On an Independence Day palled by the bleak prospects the coronavirus pandemic, Archbishop Charles Scicluna stressed the importance of life and solidarity, the dignity of the human person and the common good.

56 asylum seekers adrift Maltese search and rescue region – NGO

56 people are still in distress at sea, migrant hotline Alarm Phone said on Twitter on Saturday morning.

295,800 asylum seekers granted protection in EU last year

The EU granted protection status to 295,800 asylum seekers last year, compared to the 316,200 granted protection in 2018, Eurostat figures show.

Archbishop Scicluna prays for compassion and solidarity to be shown with...

Archbishop Scicluna prayed to the Lord so that people's attitude towards migrants is softened and a more compassionate approach is adopted.

Spanish hotel owner turns resort over to refugees during coronavirus crisis

The owner of the La Ciguena resort has turned the facility over to some of Madrid's most vulnerable families, after he had to close the hotel because of the coronavirus outbreak sweeping through Spain.

Cheap and creative ideas to protect world’s most vulnerable from coronavirus

While richer nations rush to bolster their health systems to cope, poorer nations with fewer resources are likely to struggle and suffer worse impacts, said humanitarian organisations, with refugee camps and war zones facing some of the worst risks.

If we fail, we lose our humanity – Catholic and Lutheran...

A group of ten Catholic and Lutheran Bishops of Nordic countries have warned that if we fail the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, we will lose our humanity.

Turkey says will not stop Syrian refugees reaching Europe after troops...

The killing of 33 Turkish soldiers and wounding of 32, announced by the governor in Turkey's Hatay province bordering Syria, raised the Turkish military death toll in the region to 54 this month.

Gender stereotypes hinder integration of women migrants, EU study suggests

At present around 7.5% of EU residents were born outside of the EU, translating to just under 40 million people