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100,000 protesters mark 50 days of demonstrations against Lukashenko

Belarus has been gripped by mass protests since the Presidential election on the 9th of August, which according to international reports is widely believed to have been rigged.

Two police officers shot in protests in Kentucky after controversial decision...

Protests have erupted, through the streets of New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta and Philadelphia hours after a Kentucky grand jury brought no charges against Louisville police for Breonna Taylor’s death.

Bulgaria’s Justice Minister to resign; Criticised for not addressing corruption

His resignation also follows a 50th consecutive day of anti-government protests.

Gunfire used to disperse protests in Libya’s capital Tripoli

Protesters marched to the headquarters of the Government of National Accord (GNA) to voice anger over what they called a “slow death” due to collapsing public services, corruption and economic pressures.

11 arrests following violent protest at Ħal Far Detention Centre

11 immigrants were arrested following a protest that turned violent.

Fires burn near White House in violent U.S. protests

National Guard troops were deployed in 15 states and Washington, D.C. in an attempt to quell the sixth night of violence on Sunday. The unrest began with peaceful protests over the death of a black man, George Floyd, in police custody.

‘I can’t breathe’ protests heat up as curfews imposed in several...

From Los Angeles to Miami to Chicago, protests marked by chants of "I can't breathe" - a rallying cry echoing the dying words of George Floyd - began peacefully before turning unruly as demonstrators blocked traffic, set fires and clashed with riot police, some firing tear gas and plastic bullets in an effort to restore order.

Protesters interrupt installation Mass of new Chilean Archbishop

During the January 11 installation Mass of Mgr.Celestino Aós as the new Archbishop of Santiago, Chile, a small number of protesters opened backpacks near the...

Iraqi security forces kill one protester, wound 25 – sources

Iraqi security forces killed at least one protester and wounded 25 others on Friday when they launched tear gas canisters to break up a crowd trying to breach Baghdad's Sinak bridge, security and medical sources told Reuters.

French PM offers concession to unions over pension reform

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Saturday offered a major concession to unions contesting his government's overhaul of the pension system