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NCPE argues against full decriminalisation of prostitution

The National Commission for the Promotion of Equality has insisted that the decriminalisation of prostitution should be accompanied by the penalisation of sex buying, stating that this was what a human rights-based approach to prostitution reform entailed.

Full decriminalisation of prostitution ‘would set gender equality back’

The full decriminalisation of prostitution would be a step away from gender equality, Nationalist Party MP Claudette Buttigieg insisted this evening.

Nordic or New Zealand model? NGOs disagree on prostitution reform

Impassioned arguments in favour and against the full decriminalisation of prostitution were made by NGOs and experts working in the field as Parliament’s Social Affairs Committee discussed a proposed reform yesterday.

Government’s sex work proposals ‘protect those who exploit the vulnerable,’ PN...

The government’s proposals on the decriminalisation of sex work ultimately serve as a “screen to protect those who want to continue profiting off the vulnerable,” the Nationalist Party is insisting.

“Prostitution cannot remain a criminal offence” – Abela

Describing the party and party in government as a reformist, Abela said that what distinguished the party was its ability to take decisions and to not fear change. The Prime Minister said that he welcomed the news that the Opposition was on board with the Government's proposal to increase the participation of women in Parliament.

Watch: What are Robert Abela’s thoughts on abortion, drugs and prostitution?

Robert Abela discussed three of the hottest topics in Malta currently: abortion, prostitution and marijuana. Abela was being interviewed by Fr Joe Borg on a LIVE stream on Newsbook.com.mt. He is currently contesting the role of Leader of the Labour Party following Joseph Muscat’s announcement that he is resigning this month.

A gift to pimps and traffickers – 40+ organisations

A multi-disciplinary Coalition comprising over forty organisations who work in the area of prostitution, trafficking, equality and human rights, and about 13 influential activists, deem the proposal by Integra and Aditus to be highly irresponsible and dangerous for our country. The organisations include big players such as Caritas, Dar Hosea and Dar Merhba Bik.

Penalise sex-buyers – NCPE

prostitution is not gender-neutral. In its submission to the current public consultation on the subject, the NCPE said that the absolute majority of prostitutes are women and the absolute majority of clients, pimps and traffickers are men. NCPE said that a defining feature of prostitution is power and control of men over women, which both reflects and reinforces a patriarchal society.

‘Criminalising clients means wasting police resources on surveillance of prostitutes’ –...

The criminalisation of clients seeking to buy sex from prostitutes would result in the waste of precious police resources, Alternattiva Demokratika -...

Criminalise sex buying – Church

Decriminalise the prostituted; criminalise sex buying and create exit services are the focal points of a statement released Friday.