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Il-Koħħu files judicial protest against PM; Requesting again the presidential pardon

The judicial protest was filed by Muscat’s Lawyer, Marc Sant, against Prime Minister Robert Abela, against the Police Commissioner, the General Attorney, the State Advocate and against the Minister for Justice.

Watch: A request for pardon will be seen through due process...

If murder suspect Yorgen Fenech had to submit a fresh request for presidential pardon this would be considered, Prime Minister Robert Abela told journalists waiting outside Castille on Wednesday.

Il-Koħħu ‘sings’; still waiting for an answer

In the past three months, Vince Muscat known as il-Koħħu has spent ‘several’ hours ‘singing’ to the police.

Fenech dropped escape plan, fearing for his life

Our sources said that Fenech was not afraid of rough seas but that “something” could happen to him in the process

Degiorgio brothers want middleman’s pardon revoked

The Degiorgio brothers are calling for the presidential pardon to be revoked within 24 hours.

Yorgen Fenech files court application over presidential pardon

Fenech has implicated the former chief of staff Keith Schembri in the murder of the journalist.

Watch: Muscat hedges on length of investigation into Yorgen Fenech

He added that Yorgen Fenech’s arrest is not linked to the suspected middleman

Daphne’s murder: Muscat replies on presidential pardon

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that when someone is given presidential pardon saying that this in the past had only served to help...