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Stony silence from San Anton; President mulling different options

Three constitutional experts have publicly taken a position: remove Delia and appoint another Leader of the Opposition. Other persons, not known publicly, have the ear of the President. They are proposing other options. Newsbook.com.mt consulted another expert who shared with us, what in his opinion, “a bold President should do”.

President likely to appoint a new leader of the opposition –...

A PN MP who preferred not to be named has indicated that the next logical step is for the President to appoint another MP as leader of the opposition. This is likely to happen in the coming hours said the MP.

Police should not be involved in prosecution, aditus Foundation recommends

In a recently published document, aditus Foundation highlighted that the role of the police as a prosecutor in criminal proceedings was conflicting. On the one the role of the police would be to bring all evidence that results from its investigative work, this conflicts directly with the role of the prosecutor whose role is to prosecute and secure convictions of the suspect.

“The present situation brings the best out of us Maltese” –...

The President praised all Maltese for their respect and cooperation with the Authorities as well as for their solidarity with others. He insisted that ulticmately, faced with a dangerous and worrying situation, as is this virus, we are all equal. President Vella also spoke about God’s strength and the skillfulness of our professionals who are working together to help all those in need and save as many lives as possible.

Maria Louisa Scicluna awarded for 22 years of voluntary work with...

She started helping in 1997 and never looked back

Watch: The political situation should not kill the hope of the...

President George Vella's message was aired on Tuesday night in which he addressed the calls made by members of the public to boycott the annual telethon l-Istrina in the current political crisis. Vella said that he was counting on the people's generosity to donate on 26 December when l-Istrina will be held.

“I have no power to dismiss the PM” – President

The Office of the President said that the President had done all he could within the parameters as set by the Constitution.

Malta Chamber calls for the intervention of the President of Malta

Malta Chamber of Commerce President David Xuereb has called on President George Vella to step in in the current political crisis.

“L-Istrina is on” – President Vella

L-istrina is on said President Vella

Thousands in Guinea march against president’s possible third term bid

Thousands took to the streets of Guinea on Thursday in the largest of a series of protests over a suspected effort by...