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BA finds TVM programme to be at fault

The Broadcasting Authority ruled that the Opposition's views on the matter should have been included in the programme. In its decision, the authority said that the programme by its very nature requires the Opposition to be present and air its views.

Decrease in trust in national institutions, increase in European ones –...

The latest Eurobarometer shows that there has been a general reduced level of trust demonstrated by respondents in Malta in national institutions. On the other hand an increased level of trust in European institutions and the United Nations, with the exception of the European Union.

Watch: What’s next for Bonnici and Cardona?

The course of Chris Fearne’s political future is yet to be determined as newly elected PM Robert Abela is currently having discussions with his parliamentary group colleagues in a bid to form a new cabinet.

“Youthfulness reigns”; “Change not continuity” – MPs about Abela

Robert Abela was elected as the Leader for PL and therefore the new Prime Minister of Malta. MPs from both sides of the House congratulated him for his win in the election against Chris Fearne.

PD wants to fix “broken political system” with AD

Partit Demokratiku said that its in ongoing talks with Alternattiva Demokratiku grounded in the will “to fix the broken political system”.

“A mature society should rise above odious behaviour” – bBrave

"Be brave and overcome your prejudices"

Italy’s anti-Salvini ‘sardines’ movement spreads, plans more protests

The group emerged in the city of Bologna last week when four friends invited people to join a protest against Salvini's League, whose popularity is growing ahead of an election in the northern Emilia-Romagna region.

Photos: Iran’s protests against gasoline price hike turn political: media

Riot police and security forces clashed with demonstrators in Tehran and dozens of cities across Iran on Saturday, Iranian news agencies and social media...

‘Shameful’ of UK not to publish report on Russian meddling, says...

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticised as "shameful" British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision not to publish a parliamentary report...

Bolivia’s Morales resigns after weeks of protests over disputed election

Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Sunday he would resign after the military called on him to step down and allies tumbled...